Windows Phone App Submission and Languages

You’ll have noticed we’ve made some improvements to App Hub recently. And if, like me, you’ve tried to submit an app to Marketplace since 18th July you may have encountered an error relating to supported languages.

My first attempt at submitting a new app yielded this error:

App Hub Submission Error 2003

The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly. (2003)

I then tried to update an existing app and ended up with this error:

App Hub Submission Error 1047

An update cannot support fewer languages than the previous app instance supported. (1047)

This has me a bit stumped until I came across this forum post entitled “Helpful Tips on language processes during app submission”.

“On July 18th a updated version of App Hub was released with new features and functionality. Based on feedback, choosing a default language for your application was the source of confusion. Therefore this process was updated so that the App Hub now detects the languages in your XAP. However this change may require that you update your XAP prior to submitting it. ”

The post explains in detail what you need to do.