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I love blog comments - SharePoint and SQL failovers.

I love blog comments. They keep you honest and earnest. In response to my blog post Database...

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 07/29/2007

Database Mirroring vs Log Shipping. Choose Both?

In a response to my blog entry Database Mirroring and Log Shipping. Which is better? The mysterious...

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 07/29/2007

Database mirroring and log shipping. Which is better?

You may ask yourself and others this question all the time. I have heard the question a lot. The...

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 07/28/2007

Moving databases between web apps

There's quite a list of tasks to complete if you want to move databases between web apps with...

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 06/18/2007

I'm back baby!

It's been a long time since I've written anything out here. Rest assured I've been plenty busy...

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 06/18/2007

Common Database Query Series - Users

I can't tell you how many times I'm asked "how do I get a list of unique users for my farm" or "who...

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 12/20/2006

Inside SharePoint - Tales from Microsoft IT

The team and I have decided to start blogging collectively.

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 12/19/2006

Public internet presence and MOSS?

With the integration of CMS and SharePoint, and the enormous investment made in web content...

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 12/18/2006

File Shares vs. SharePoint

I had a series of interesting conversations over the last few days with a storage server colleague...

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 12/09/2006

Extra-Strength SharePoint Developer Training

I just got back from Silicon Valley where I attended the SP401 class given by Gorilla Training. My...

Author: MSDN Archive Date: 10/09/2006