Watching Divx and WMA Pro 5.1 movies on your v1 Media Center Extender

So the only problem I have with my V1 media Center Extender is that my movies (DVDs that I have converted to WMV and use the WMA Pro Codec that does 5.1) will not play.  Nor will the ones I have converted to Divx (before I got my MCX). 

The work around I have done now is to encode my DVDs twice (once in 2 channel and once in 5.1 (so when I get my xbox360 I can watch them).  Well there is a better work around for now (until the 360 shows up).

That is mceDivx360 (found at  The creator did a good job with this.  There are a few little change that could be made to make it a little better.  The source is provided so if you want to make a change feel Free.

So now going forward I can convert my DVD directly to WMV 5.1 and when the 360 shows I will not need to worry about any of my other movies.  mceDivx360 works with any video file that can be played on the console of the Media Center machine.  So that included wmvs, Divx, or other AVIs.

Once I done re-writing MoviePro (DVD-> WMV app) I will post my upgrade (lots of fixes).