Free ALM Development Workshops

Are you interested in how your organization can improve development practices?

Probably, but you don’t really want to change your methodology, do you?

How about if you could learn how to tailor the system to meet your specific needs?

imageInterested ISVs and partners are invited to attend a series of free workshops to understand and implement your own Application Lifecycle Management for your organization. ALM Catalyst Live Workshops are a series of two-hour interactive workshops. The ALM Catalyst Live Workshops are designed to enable development teams achieve these key goals:

  • Understand the potential of Team Foundation Server
  • Identify gaps in how you may be using Team Foundation Server
  • Create higher-quality software – with less time and stress

Topics covered include:

  • Keeping Projects on the Rails (Reporting)
  • Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises (Deployment)
  • Quality Matters (Testing)
  • Making Process Stick

For more information about the workshops including schedule, see ALM Catalyst Workshops. Sessions are provided daily through June 25. For more information about how you can tailor ALM to help your organization’s development effort, see Microsoft’s ALM Catalyst site.


Bruce Kyle

ISV Advisor