How to disable the default Launch condition for the .Net Framework in a Visual Studio Setup and Deployment project.

Two ways to do this.

1)Create a Transform to make apply changes to the MSI as to skip the default launch condition. You may then author a Custom launch condition to only display a message and exit the installation.

Open the complied MSI using ORCA, click On the Transforms menu and select New Transform.

Find table by the name _VsdLaunchCondition and drop the only row it shows.

Click on Transforms and select Generate Transform. Save the transform as a mst file.

To install using the transform use the command line msiexec /I <path to msi file> TANSFORMS=<path to the mst file>

2)Build MSI file without the default Launch Condition.

In the VS Setup project, go to the Launch Condition editor.

Go to the properties for the Launch Condition by the name .NET Framework.

Set the Message Property to any message that you may want to display.

Set the InstallUrl field to blank and build the project.

Contributor : Ravi Shankar