Azure Log Analytics Container Monitoring solution: Helm integration for Linux and Windows Kubernetes support

Hello, all. This is Keiko, Program Manager from the Operations Management Suite (OMS) team.

In April this year, we announced support for Kubernetes on Linux. Since then, many people have asked us about Windows Kubernetes support, so we have added that. Support is for Kubernetes version 1.6+.

Image of the solution with a Kubernetes cluster

 samis@31e9b19155c3:/# kubectl get nodes
Name                    Status    Age       Version
3830dacs9000            Ready     19d       v1.6.6-9+8a67b481dfc2c6
3830dacs9001            Ready     19d       v1.6.6-9+8a67b481dfc2c6
k8s-master-3830dc00-0   Ready     19d       v1.6.6

For more information, go to the Container Monitoring solution documentation and Container Solution on GitHub.

Also, as many of you are aware, Deis joined Microsoft this year. To increase the customer deployment experience of Container Monitoring Solution agents to the Kubernetes environment, we have integrated with Helm. This is supported only for Linux.

For more information, go to Container Solution Helm.


Keiko Harada
Senior Program Manager, OMS Team