ARC305 Downloads – My Session @ TechEd Europe in Berlin on “Always Responsive Apps & Services”

Right before my session is going to start here in Berlin at 5.30 p.m. I found time to upload my demos and slides. The session is all about approaches and thoughts we implemented in a project together with Frequentis AG , a globally active ISV building solutions for public safety. These solutions span air traffic control, maritime communications, police- and fire-department control and communication etc.

All the approaches and information from the session is from a whitepaper I’ve published earlier and I’ve created together with architects from Frequentis.

I’ve published the PoC which is the demo-solution I use for the session earlier, but for TechEd I updated the PoC the whole solution to Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2.

Click here to download the Proof-of-Concept demo app (VS2010 b2).

Click here to download a PDF of my presentation.

Click here to get to the whitepaper we’ve published with Frequentis.

Important Notes for testing

If you want to test the PoC you need the following bits installed on your machine:

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

Microsoft CCR and DSS Runtime Toolkit

SQL Server Express Edition (DB-scripts included in the PoC download)

If you don’t have Microsoft CCR installed, then you can remove the CcrManager.cs class in the AsyncDemo.JobLibrary project in the Shared-folder of the solution. Furthermore you need to remove the references to the Microsoft.Ccr.*.dll assemblies.

Have much fun, I hope you enjoy(ed) my session:)