Matt’s PDC Session List

I’m hoping that this PDC might be a little different and I may actually get to attend some sessions, rather than just prepping for mine (or the others from my team).  I’ve gone through all 22 pages of published talks, and I think there are some interesting ones.  So, without further ado, and with little, if any regard for actual scheduling of talks in relation to mine, here are the talks I would be interested in going to at PDC09.

Hopefully I can get to 10 of them.

Session Name


Building Data-Driven Applications Using Microsoft Project Code Name "Quadrant" and Microsoft Project Code Name "M" Doug’s had a few things to say recently, and I think this talk will be interesting.  My team was part of the Quadrant team for a while, and I’m curious to see what they’ve been up to.

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Kernel Changes

Anytime that you get to hear Mark talk about the kernel, it’s a great opportunity to learn a lot about a topic we don’t think every day.

Code Visualization, UML, and DSLs

The architecture tools team has done some really, really neat stuff to help you understand your code base better. I've found the tools to be really useful when looking at our code base, and I'd like to learn more here.

Advanced Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 StreamInsight

I've been watching StreamInsight since there was an internal talk on the technology. The capabilities here to do high capacity event stream queries is amazing. I think there are a number of interesting classes of problems where this can be useful and I'd like to find out more

Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 StreamInsight


Dynamic Binding in C# 4

This feature is one that I was excited to hear about in Anders' talk last year. A whole hour on how this works, that's just bliss

Windows Error Reporting

This kind of data is gold for folks who are building software.  You can’t catch every bug, or be aware of a video card incompatibility in a certain language on XP SP2, or always know why things might go wrong in your apps.  WER gives you a way to get that kind of data.

How Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Was Built with Windows Presentation Foundation 4

This has been a huge undertaking, and hearing Paul talk about this will be insightful about the challenges faced, the way to integrate large, existing code bases with WPF, native WPF interop, etc.

Windows Presentation Foundation 4 Plumbing and Internals

I have a weak spot for deepdives into plumbing like this talk. This kind of knowledge is so useful for building apps on top of WPF to really understand how the pieces work together and what's happening at the low levels

Future of Garbage Collection

I got to sit next to Patrick at a dinner and had an amazing convesation that knocked my socks off. This is one of the guys who built the GC in .NET, and hearing the way he thinks will be interesting.

Microsoft Perspectives on the Future of Programming

Look at the list of this panel, how could you not want to hear this conversation? Just getting these folks together means there will be some interesting topics with lots of different backgrounds (from Jeffery Snover to Erik Meijer)

REST Services Security Using the Access Control Service

Justin is my former partner in crime from our days as technical evangelists, and I have lunch with him regularly and the stuff that he is working with is wicked cool. He's also one of the best presenters in the company, and there is always something I learn about presenting when I watch him talk.

Data-Intensive Computing on Windows HPC Server with the DryadLINQ Framework

I'd love to see anything that talks about "familiar declarative syntax of LINQ combined with the fault-tolerant distributed graph scheduling of the Dryad runtime"

Building Sensor- and Location-Aware Applications with Windows 7 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

The location API made me open up my first C++ project in a long time, the range of scenarios that this enables in Win7 is awesome

Code Contracts and Pex: Power Charge Your Assertions and Unit Tests

My first "from the labs" talk on the list, Pex and Code Contracts bring some really compelling capabilities to .NET development. This would be great to see.

Microsoft Application Server Technologies: Present and Future

This is from my team, and I'm excited to see the reaction to some of the cool stuff we will be talking about in the App Server space

Rx: Reactive Extensions for .NET

Erik Meijer is one of those guys I can't get enough of, I'd sign up for the fan club on channel9 if it were available.

Building Amazing Business Applications with Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft .NET RIA Services

Brad is a really great presenter, and this is a whole space I have not had a chance to pay much attention to. I'd love to learn more about the ways to rapidly create business applications.

SketchFlow: Prototyping to the Rescue

Having just finished a project with a lot of designer/developer interaction, I have a lot of hope for things like SketchFlow.

Developing REST Applications with the .NET Framework

I like watching Don's talks, and REST is kind of a thing these days. Done deal.