Big Data I: 16 Papers and original articles


What are the most influential papers in the world of Big Data?  Let me suggest: We face a data management problem: IDC 2010 Digital Unverse Study First reference to “Big Data” I found on the web, on Nature 455 In 2008, “Parallel programming in the Age of Big Data” described MapReduce as a framework that gained prominence on large web sites. The pathologies of big data” by Jacob Adams clearly explained the limitations of the relational database model An introduction and overview of “NoSQL databases” by Christof Strauch. My favorite document as of May 2011 is Dr Raplh Kimball “The evolving role of EDW in the era of Big Data Analytics A co-relational Model of Data for Large Shared Memory Banks” proposes a common query language for accesing relational or unestructured data McKinsey “Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity” focuses on the economic transformation The Promise and Peril of Big Data” by The Aspen Institute GigaOM “Big Data 2011 Preview” talks about opportunities for new business models. Hadoop and MapReduce: Big Data Analytics” provides suggestions on adopting commercial Hadoop implementations Tapping into the power of Big Data” from PricewaterhouseCoopers is on revising the CIO’s data playbok.

Introducing LINQ to HPC”by David Chappell describes the internal Microsoft approach to process unstructured data with Windows HPC. Defining Hadoop: Players, technologies and Challenges” covers the Hadoop ecosystem and use cases The age of Exabytes: Tools and approaches for managing Big Data” on ReadWriteWeb Six guidelines on implementing Big Data Analytics, “TDWI Checklist Report: Big Data Analytics


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