MSDN Unplugged - The Unnamed Package of Web Love

I previously posted the links to all the demos that I gave during my unplugged talk around New Zealand last week.

As promised I will now post the videos and walk trough for the rest of the content.

Below is the PowerPoint presentation and demo script that I followed to step through the MVC3 Fundamentals demo.

As mentioned previously the site contains more demos, labs and source code.

I also talked about the Free Windows Azure trial until June 30th including 750 hours per month of Extra Small Compute Instance and 1G Web Edition SQL Azure database. I also showed how to publish an ASP.NET MVC 3 App to Windows Azure.

I then demonstrated how to Install and Publish an Orchard site using WebMatrix, I showed a list of hosters that support WebMatrix and ASP.NET 4 today. And demonstrated a – WebMatrix, MVC 3 + SQL Server hosted at who are planning to offer shared hosting in NZ via WebMatrix in the coming weeks.

I then introduced Internet Explorer 9 and showed some demonstrations and speed tests (video below and online).

I then extended my MVC 3 demo to include site pinning in IE9 (video below and online).

and finally I provided a comprehensive overview of HTML5 Video (video below and online) and demonstrated how to include it in your own web applications.

Download the full session video, Right click “Save target as…” MP4 or view the full session on Channel 9

As mentioned previously the full set of links are as follows:

Training Resources:

My Deployed Demo Sites