Road to 100 Windows Phone 7 Applications Built by New Zealand Developers

As we wrap up the year I’m happy at how NZ developers have taken to the new Windows Phone 7 platform. Mat wrote about the results of the Windows Phone 7 Challenge that we ran and it is great to see some of those apps now making their way to the marketplace.

Certainly a highlight for me is that two out of three finalists in the best mobile application section of this years ONYAs have built Windows Phone 7 apps.


Update: Congratulations to AlphaJax for winning the Best mobile application award at the ONYAs

We recently announced also that phone manufacturers sold over 1.5 million windows phone 7’s in the first six weeks.

We currently have 38 42 44 50 76 81 83 94 105 123 WP7 apps created and published by NZ developers. I will update this post on our path to the first 100 kiwi built apps!

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