TouchDevelop v2.1: integrated script bazaar

The TouchDevelop team is happy to release this incremental update to TouchDevelop. After we recently introduced script sharing in the cloud with TouchDevelop v2.0, we now made it even easier to discover and install scripts published by other people: The script bazaar is now folded into theĀ  main TouchDevelop experience.

You can install the latest version directly via Zune.

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Integrated script bazaar, tutorials and samples


It was never easier to discover and install TouchDevelop scripts that other people have published; read the TouchDevelop v2.0 announcement to learn more about script sharing. The change introduced with this update is that the script bazaar is now folded into the main TouchDevelop experience.

td_tutorialstd_samplesInstead of bundling all samples directly into the app, you can now find even more samples in the script bazaar, and install them from the cloud.

We also added a list of (mini) tutorials that help you get started with scripting in TouchDevelop.

As always, check the Release Notes for details.