Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Virtual PC BSP

There is a new BSP coming with Windows Embedded Compact 7 (the public CTP is available on Connect): the Virtual PC BSP. This BSP allows to build a CE image for a virtual machine running in Windows Virtual PC environment (if you are running Windows 7) or Virtual PC 2007 environment (if you are running previous versions of Windows). a Virtual image disk is provided with the BSP that will boot into the Ethernet Bootloader eboot in order to establish a connection from Visual Studio to download and debug/test a CE image on the virtual machine.

You might have experienced this if you are playing around with this: you are building your OSDesign with the Virtual PC BSP, starting the Virtual Machine that boots into eBoot, establish the connection between Platform Builder and the Virtual Machine, then start the download of your image… when… boom, download fails leaving you with a message about a TFTP timeout error. This does not happen every time and I couldn’t reproduce it (reason why I don’t have any snapshots), but it seems there is some problem with Windows Virtual PC and the network.A colleague pointed me at a workaround someone posted on a forum. I couldn’t test it myself as I cannot reproduce the issue any longer, but let me know if you are facing this issue and if turning off UDP CRC checksum on the network card (the one the Virtual Machine uses) solves it.