Transferring to the SQL Team

Since I returned to Microsoft in March of 2007, I've worked in the Developer Division on a project in the area of RIAs( Rich Internet Applications).  This is a fascinating space in which lots of fun stuff is happening.  I've been privileged to work on a wonderful team developing an upcoming project in this area.   While I have had a blast and can see the impact of my work, my real passion is scalable distributed back-end applications and data management.   Maybe I'm in a rut, but I've worked on variations of this space since 1978 and still find it fascinating.

For many years, I've worked with my friends in the SQL team on a number of different projects (both directly on the projects and by coming over and offering various opinions to rile them up).  Now, it turns out there is a really special opportunity for me to join a team in SQL called SIA (Strategy, Infrastructure, and Architecture).  This spot allows me to work on the business, technology, architecture, infrastructure, and more for one of the industry's leading products.  It also allows me to participate in driving some of the new changes in scalable cloud computing (which is, of course, where I am extremely passionate).   The leaders of the team and most of the folks working on the team are old friends that I thoroughly enjoy!   Also, it is a natural part of the job for me to be communicating externally and, hence, you are still going to see me causing trouble at a number of Microsoft and industry conferences...  Expect to see me at TechEd EMEA for sure!

I am heading out on an Alaskan cruise on Friday with my wife, Lisa, and two other couples who are dear friends.  We will return on Friday, August 1st and then over the weekend my friend, Bob, and I will move my office to building 35.   Needless to say, moving the office is a project!

While I am not going to disclose anything about the project I've been working on for the last 15 months or so, I do have a whole bunch of thoughts on RIAs.   I plan to drive to get this thoughts out as blog posts over the first few weeks of August but I've decide to actually leave my laptop at home and not take it on the cruise!   It's time for me to read the last Harry Potter book...

I want to thank the Developer Division, my bosses, Shanku Niyogi, ScottGu, and Soma for the wonderful opportunity and blast it has been working in DevDiv.  Also, I can't forget to thank all the wonderful members of my team who will remain good friends!

Talk to you soon!

- Pat