Channel 9 Series on Operations Management Suite

Hello Readers, Jim Britt here after a very long time away from blogging Smile.  I wanted to take this opportunity to post some news about a multi part series onMicrosoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) created by the Enterprise Cloud Group CAT TeamTiander Turpijn and I have given some examples in this series on how to leverage this technology to no only get insights into your hybrid cloud environment but also how you can take those insights and put them into action with some automation. 

Part 1 focuses primarily on an overview of OMS and what the capabilities are as well as a deep dive into Log Analytics and some of the Solution Packs that make up the OMS ecosystem.  Part 2 of this series concentrates primarily on the Automation piece of OMS deep diving into the automation asset store (credentials, variables, connections, certificates, and modules), an overview of the power of Hybrid Runbook Workers and their role in Automation, a review of Azure Automation Desired State Configuration (DSC), and finally showing this runbook example in action ( for deploying an AWS virtual machine leveraging an Azure Automation runbook (the power of hybrid cloud management!).  We certainly hope you enjoy these sessions and look out for more in this area in the near future!

Until next time – as always Happy Automating! Hot smile