Dell PowerEdge R630 Configuration for Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track v4

We are honored to host Kristine Lindely, senior strategist in the Enterprise Solutions Group at Dell, to tell us about the new Dell PowerEdge Private Cloud Fast Track configuration that Dell is showing at Ignite.

So you need to build an on-premises cloud… what now?

Cloud architectures can be confusing and many IT teams don’t know where to begin. As Vijay blogged recently, Microsoft Fast Track for Private Cloud can reduce the time, cost and complexity of implementing on-premises cloud systems, and it’s important to take advantage of validated solutions from Microsoft partners participating in the Private Cloud Fast Track v4 program.

Dell is excited to announce the Dell PowerEdge R630 Configuration for Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track v4. For customers and partners looking for a medium sized, scalable building block for private and hybrid cloud architectures, this software-based solution includes Dell PowerEdge R630 servers, MD1400 12G SAS storage running Microsoft Storage Spaces, and Dell 10Gb networking switches (with 40Gb uplinks). It runs the full suite of System Center with Windows Azure Pack (WAP) integration, giving you full cloud capability in a flexible, building block framework.

The Dell solution is a great foundation for an on-premises cloud architecture, allowing you to build your environment based on the components as tested, or to use the configuration as a guide, depending on your requirements. The configuration, as tested by Dell, provides for an estimated number of VMs up to 57 memory-intensive , or up to 160 light VMs, based on Intel Xeon E5-2690 processors and the half populated (384GB) memory (24x 16GB DIMMs).  Customers can pick different procs, and add memory (up to 768GB) as needed based on the apps and workloads that will be hosted.

The Dell PowerEdge R630 Configuration for Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track is an important addition to our existing cloud solutions portfolio, which includes: the Dell CPS solution (Cloud Platform System) which is designed for high-end cloud environments and service providers; software defined storage solutions for Microsoft Storage Spaces; as well as other Fast Track solutions and our well known server and storage management tools. Dell customers also have access to a robust set of heterogeneous software tools for infrastructure and application integration. When you’re building out your cloud environment, it’s critical to have that flexible architecture that allows you to have tight integration with Microsoft cloud and systems management solutions, interoperability with a broader ecosystem, and a platform that grows when YOU want to. Our approach is to give you the tools to build your cloud on your terms. So, give the solution brief a read, and ping your Dell team if you have any questions.

To learn more, please visit:, or download the solution brief: Dell PowerEdge R630 configuration for Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track .

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