Top MPN Program/Membership Questions from April 2016

Based on what we’ve heard from partners in April 2016, here are answers to the questions you’ve been asking the most.


Review the top MPN program/membership questions asked by Partners – includes MPN program requirements, benefits, membership, training, downloads and software, enrollment/re-enrollment, and incentives.


How do I manage the MSDN technical ID limits?

Competency partners have an unlimited threshold for MSDN subscriptions and should not need a threshold increase. Action Pack partners can have their MSDN threshold increased to 360% of their subscription if they contact customer service. Use the resources below to learn more about increasing an Action Pack threshold to 360%.

Unable to Assign MSDN Subscriptions to New Users Assign MSDN subscription access and privileges Assigning MSDN Privileges


How do I activate my MSDN subscription?        

With an MSDN subscription, you can get the tools, platforms, and services you need to successfully develop and test your applications. Review the article below to learn how to activate your subscription.

How to activate an MSDN subscription   Activate MSDN subscription


My company has qualifying Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) who are not recognized as fulfilling requirements for a silver or gold competency. What can I do?     

After the recent program changes, you or your associated MCPs may not be correctly recognized in the Partner Membership Center, despite being linked correctly and passing the required exams. In this situation, please reassign the MCP through the “Manage Microsoft Certified Professionals” section in the Partner Membership Center. This workaround should solve the situation. If the issue still persists, please contact your local Regional Service Center for further assistance.

Partner Support Community post: Microsoft Certified Professional Management in the Partner Membership Center                Troubleshoot issues with MCP exams and certifications not credited correctly Link or unlink an MCP ID to or from a partner organization


My company is enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network. How do I associate as an individual to the profile?    

If you already have a Microsoft account, sign in to the Associate as an individual page on the Partner Membership Center and fill in the required fields. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you will need to create one before you get started.

How to Associate Your Microsoft Account with a Microsoft Partner Network ID   How to Associate to MPN ID        How to associate a Microsoft account to your organization’s Microsoft Partner Network ID           


Where can I find information about the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program?           

The Cloud Solution Provider program is a new offering, and at this point is available only to a select group of Microsoft partners. If you think your company is a great fit, talk to your Microsoft partner account representative.

Learn more about the CSP program         


How do I activate my internal-use rights licenses?      

You can find step-by-step instructions for activating Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online internal-use rights licenses in the articles below. How to activate and assign Office 365 (E3) internal-use rights licenses      How to activate your Enterprise Mobility Suite internal-use rights licenses             How do I activate and assign Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional internal-use rights (IUR) licenses          


Is Xamarin available to Microsoft Action Pack and Competency partners?           

Microsoft Action Pack and Competency Partners have access to the Xamarin development tools as part of their MPN Visual Studio subscriptions. This is a significant increase in the Internal-use rights (IUR) development benefits and a really great news to excite MPN partners to create more applications based on Microsoft technology.

Xamarin is now available to Visual Studio subscribers       Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 to get Xamarin         Microsoft helps partners scale applications through Xamarin       


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