They’re Here! SQL Server 2012 Early Adoption Cook Book Videos!

That’s right, just in time for SQL Server 2012 launch madness, every single presentation and demo included in the SQL Server 2012 Early Adoption Cook Book now has a corresponding video on Channel 9!  There are 50 videos covering every imaginable topic of interest to developers and IT Professionals who want to learn what’s new and exciting in SQL Server 2012.

The easiest way to find the specific videos you are interested in is to open this wiki page in the cook book, find the piece of content you are interested in, then simply click on the appropriate link to either download the content or watch the video.

A big thanks to the following folks who helped make this possible:

  • Jonathan Kehayias for AlwaysOn content.
  • Greg Low for developer content.
  • Peter Myers for BI content.
  • Joe Sack for engine content.
  • Aaron Lower for coordinating and publishing all these videos.
  • The Channel9 team for the use of their awesome engines.