Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, November 26, 2014

  1. Brad Sams: Visual Studio 2015 announced, preview available for download now
  2. Rami Sayar: Can I Deploy to Azure with an Open Source Language?
  3. Marius Schulz: Working with Favicons in ASP.NET MVC Applications and Visual Studio
  4. GeekWire: With .NET turnaround, Microsoft wants to create ‘one big family’ with open-source community
  5. Jeff Bramwell: Connect(“Day 1 Recap”);
  6. Sharad Cornejo Altuzar: Optimizing memory footprint: Compression in .Net 4.5
  7. Microsoft expands their horizon with Visual Studio and .NET
  8. Scott Guthrie: Connect(“Keynote Replay”); Developers in the mobile-first, cloud-first era
  9. Tanzim-Saqib: All Inside Visual Studio: Moving a Car Forward/Backward
  10. I Programmer News: WPF Lives!

This is my final Top 10 post. I've enjoyed sharing links with you over the past 10+ years, but this is also my final week at Microsoft. Going forward, you can find a Top 10 lists here (link will be updated soon): It sounds like the plan is to only publish weekly vs. daily, but that'll just mean a higher signal:noise ratio. Cheers!

UPDATE: The torch has been passed...find the New Top 10 on Dmitry's website: Dmitry Lyalin - Visual Studio Developer Top 10