Two New Customers Announced for Amalga

Today we are announcing two new great additions to the growing Amalga customer base: University of Washington and Seattle’s Children Hospital!

  • University of Washington will focus on clinical and translational research by basically providing researches with better access to data that was previously scattered across multiple systems and the tools to investigate and
  • Seattle’s Children Hospital while keeping a more clinical focus, will also address clinical research and hospital operations

Read the full press releases to get the entire story.

This brings the number of announced Amalga customers to eleven:

Medstar (July 2006)

New York Presbyterian Hospital (March 2007)

Johns Hopkins (April 2007)

Wisconsin Health Information Exchange (August 2007)

Novant (August 2007)

Moffitt (September 2007)

St. Joseph Health System (November 2007)

DC RHIO (June 2008)

El Camino (September 2008)

University of Washington (September 2008)

Seattle’s Children Hospital (September 2008)