Public Test Condition Extensibility

I’m very excited to announce that Team Edition for Database Professionals will support public test condition extensibility! This means that you can easily create your own UI-based client-side test conditions. This provides great flexibility in extending the library of test conditions that we provide in the box.


Below is the current set of conditions that we support in the box:


§ Row Count

§ Scalar Value

§ Empty Resultset

§ Not Empty Resultset

§ Execution Time

§ Inconclusive


We hope that this will result in a rich community of test conditions. I’ll follow up this post with an example of how to create your own test condition. And expect to see some test conditions released to the community from the product team in the near future. We’ll have a site where you can post your test conditions as well.


We know that extensibility is an important part of our feature set. Test condition extensibility adds a great deal of power for our users, in addition to the generator extensibility we have already introduced.


Got good ideas for test conditions? Let me know!


Sachin Rekhi