Did you know... You can press Ctrl+/ to reach the Visual Studio command line? - #163

I had to do a little research to remember what this feature is called.  It’s the "command line" within Visual Studio that doesn’t require opening the Command Window.  Only after doing 5 minutes of searches through our test cases did i realize, "hmm, why don’t i look up the name of the command in tools – options – environment – keyboard" =)

I’m also surprised i haven’t already posted a tip on it.  I’ve mentioned it here and there, but finally, here’s to the Ctrl+/ command line thingy:

press Ctrl+/ to reach the command line.  The command line is basically the Quick Find Ctrl+D window on the standard toolbar, but with the ‘>’ inserted for you.  Of course, you could do Ctrl+D > if you really wanted…

Visual Studio Command Line Window Prompt

Of course, your mileage may very depending on your keyboard bindings.  If that’s the case, go to Tools – Options – Environment – Keyboard to see what Tools.GoToCommandLine is bound to.

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