The Rematch – Webcast of my 101 VS tips in 55 mins via O’Reilly is now available

Earlier this week, I decided to rematch the clock to demo 101 VS Tips in 55 minutes with O’Reilly Media hosting and recording the webcast. In an earlier attempt, I missed by 15 seconds. And like the earlier attempt, if I make it, all attendees receive a free copy of my Visual Studio Tips ebook. 

The Rematch —>

Did I make it this time? Let’s just say a picture speaks a thousand words.

stop clock with 6 seconds remaining

Actually, I demo’ed #102 tips, because I started off with Tip #0. ;-)

Since I entered hyperspace in the final 2 minutes, some folks were asking what were those last tips. The order is the same as the Channel 9 version of the talk as well.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • #97 – How to see caught exception in Watch Window
  • #98 -? You can disable the Exception assistant
  • #99 – How to use the Intellitrace DVR controls (The lack of oxygen to my brain made me call it by its old name – Historical Debugging)
  • #100 – How to open an IntelliTrace? Log (I miscalled this tip 99)
  • #101 – How to use Extension Manager / Get VS Tips in your start page. Yeah, you need to set it up in the Tools – Options – Environment – Startup.

And to that comment at 15:30, I was so tempted to say something in response, but I didn’t want to waste my precious time on Brett Favre. =P

If you want to find out more about O’Reilly’s webcasts, you can visit Thanks again to O’Reilly for hosting and for providing the ebooks!