Scott Holden...arriving on the scene

Well, I know that it seems a little late arriving on the Blog scene. I tried to do this a little while ago on my personal blog, but I wasn’t successful keeping up with it. Perhaps it is partly because I have been busy at work and renovating a house. It seems like a lot of things to do, yet I still should have time to get little things like blogging done.

At work, I am the Development Manager for the .NET Compact Framework team. Although I don’t get to code very much anymore, I somehow keep pretty busy at work. Watch for some information very soon on some exciting work where I have coded recently!

I grew up back in Manotick, Ontario, Canada (just outside of Ottawa), but I more feel like I am a native of the West Coast. I arrived out in Seattle over 10 years ago and within a week decided that I would probably live most of my days out here. I have not regretted it. I love the mountains, the ocean, the lakes, and did I mention the mountains ;) I like taking alot of photos and if you check out my web site, you will see many photos of skiing and mountains. I have been lucky enough to go on a number of great trips. Turkey was a really interesting place to visit. I go back every year now to ski at White Grizzly cat skiing operation. How can you complain about steep, deep and trees?!?! Some of the best skiing on earth.


As I mentioned above, I am in the middle of a house renovation. Check back for when I find time to post more about the house instead of heading down to fix it up. Right now, it is completely gutted, I just finished putting new plumbing and electrical in and I am getting ready to insulate and put up drywall.


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