The May 2010 Security Runtime Engine Preview is now available on CodePlex

The WPL site on CodePlex now has the May CTP code only release for the Web Protection Library and a Word document introducing the new extensibility points for the Security Runtime Engine.

We haven’t released binaries because it’s just a preview, it is in no way ready for production.

So why make the source available? We want feedback. This represents a rewrite of the Security Runtime and a new way for you to easily write plug-ins for it. Rather than simply decide what’s best for our users we wanted to show you the direction we’re taking and give you a change to influence it.

Missing from the sure are any tests – they do exist and will be published in the next source drop. There are no inspectors or logging plug-ins – because we would like you to work through the tutorial, then look through the code, think about how you would use them and try to write your own. If we supplied some example inspectors the temptation would be there to use those as a starting template for your own.

So please download, read the source, play around (on a test web site) and do leave feedback and bug reports/issues for us on CodePlex.