Azure Command Line Interface to manage Azure Service Bus resources?

We are excited to announce the Azure CLI 2.0 support for Azure Service Bus. Interact with your Azure Resource Manager and management endpoints of Service Bus using the CLI commands. Manage you Geo-DR configurations or CRUD on your resources and entities, we have all these fully supported.

How easy is this?

Here's a couple examples,

 Create a Service Bus Namespace
az servicebus namespace create --resource-group myresourcegroup --name mynamespace --location westus --tags tag1=value1 tag2=value2 --sku Standard

Delete a topic auth-rule
az servicebus topic authorization-rule delete --resource-group myresourcegroup --namespace-name mynamespace --topic-name mytopic --name myauthorule

Invoke a failover to your secondary
az servicebus georecovery-alias fail-over --resource-group myresourcegroup --namespace-name secondarynamespace --alias myaliasname

All these and more. Explore the various resource management operations this functionality provides and let us know what you think.

Happy message-ing!