Service Bus client 3.2.3 is now live

Check out our newest release for the Service Bus client library! This release was primarily focused on Relays and Event Hubs.

The NuGet package can be found at

Below are the release notes:

  • EventHub/Messaging: Added FWLinks to TimeoutException.
  • EventHub: Fixed a bug in PrefetchSizeInBytes feature where once the prefetch limit is reached, prefetch can slow down until client is reset if the cache is drained too quickly.
  • EventHub: Fixed calculation for 'Entity Queue Depth' counter to reflect actual size rather than free space.
  • Relay: Fixed a bug in RelayEnvironment constructor where an exception can be thrown in certain load context.
  • Relay: Fixed an issue in relay hybrid connection mode for new SSL security update.
  • Relay: General tracing cleanup.