Released: Public Preview for SQL Server 2017 Management Pack (CTP3)

We are happy to announce SQL Server 2017 Management Pack CTP3 bits with new features are ready ( Please install and use this public preview and send us your feedback ( On the download page, you will see references to SQL Server vNext instead of 2017. We will update all references to vNext with 2017 in our next CTP, planned for June.

Please download the public preview bits at:

Microsoft System Center Management Pack (Community Technical Preview 3) for SQL Server 2017

New Features and Fixes in CTP3

  • Implemented new workflows:
    • Discoveries for SQL Server Agent and SQL Server Agent Jobs
    • Unit and rollup monitors for SQL Server Agent
    • Performance rules for Resource Pools
    • Alerting rules for SQL Server Agent on Windows
    • Tasks for the Database
    • Tasks for starting/stopping Windows services
    • Monitors and performance rules for Memory-Optimized Tables
    • Always On discoveries
    • “Resource Pool Memory Consumption” monitor
    • “Discover Database Custom User Policy on Windows and Linux” and Discover Database Engine Resource Pools on Windows and Linux” discoveries
    • Console tasks on Windows and Linux
  • Improved SQL queries in the resource pool and database discovery
  • Added discovery of “SQL Server vNext Resource Pool Group on <Platform>” to DB Engine discoveries
  • Fixed issue: “Failed to replace parameter while creating the alert for monitor state change” warnings for workflows of Memory-Optimized Tables containers
  • Fixed log reader issues
  • Fixed “SPN Configuration” issue
Feature/Workflow CTP1 ( CTP2 ( CTP3 (
Core objects
DB Engine Discovery W/L W/L W/L
Local DB Engine Discovery (windows only feature) W W
SQL Cluster instances W W W
DB Discovery W/L W/L W/L
DB Filegroup Discovery W/L W/L W/L
DB File Discovery W/L W/L W/L
DB Log file Discovery W/L W/L W/L
DB Policy Discovery W/L W/L
Filestream Filegroup Discovery W W
Memory-Optimized Data Filegroup Discovery W/L W/L
Memory-Optimized Data Filegroup Containers Discovery W/L W/L
DB Engine Resource pool Discovery W/L
SQL Agent Discovery W/L
Always On Discovery W
Agentless Monitoring W/L W/L W/L
Mixed monitoring (windows only feature) W W W
Agent Monitoring (windows only feature) W W W
SQL Credentials W/L W/L W/L
AD Credentials W W W
In-memory OLTP support W/L W/L
SQL Server Express support W W W
MSSQL LogReader module W/L W/L
Support long names (windows only feature) W W W
Wizard multithreading W/L W/L
Tasks Execution W/L
Docker Support L
Monitoring Scenarios
DB Engine Health Status Monitoring W/L W/L W/L
DB Engine Performance Monitoring W/L W/L W/L
DB Engine Service Pack Compliance Monitoring W/L W/L
DB Configuration Monitoring W/L W/L W/L
DB Memory-Optimized Data Filegroup Performance Monitoring W W
CPU Monitoring and performance metrics W W
Log Shipping monitoring W W
WMI Health Monitoring W/NA W/NA
Event Base monitoring (400+ Alert rules) W/L W/L
DB Space Monitoring and performance metrics collection W W W
DB Space Monitoring and performance metrics collection for Filestream objects W W
DB Space Monitoring and performance metrics collection for Hekaton objects W W
SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher Service Monitoring W W
SQL Agent Monitoring W/L
Always On Monitoring W



W – Supported on Windows

L – Supported on Linux

W/L – Supported on Windows and Linux

W/NA – Supported on Windows but no applicable to Linux

All the details regarding the new functionality can be found in the Operations Guide that can be downloaded along with the Management Pack. Full functionality will be available with SQL Server 2017 GA. This CTP release only covers a subset of monitors and rules. We will work towards full functionality as we release new CTPs.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback (