What next in the adventures of Kinect?

A very nice find my by my UK pal Rob Margel  (though first spotted by the living legend that is Marc Holmes) - a Kinect interactive experience in Germany. Shoppers took control of the Stachus gate with their leaping, dancing and waving. I don’t know who Sylvie van der Vaart is but she has some HUGE hoop earrings and seemed to love it.

Meantime, it was great to hear Alex Kipman and Shannon Loftis talking to NPR about the “Kinect hacking” we’ve seen since launch. I’ve seen some impressive stuff so far on this front including a Roomba that has been augmented, a Kinect puppet with a Kinect and then this morning a Kinect controlling Windows 7.

I know wake up each morning waiting for the next installment of the adventures of Kinect. If it’s not controlling the traffic flow on Seattle’s roads tomorrow I’ll be deeply disappointed.

Welcome to NUI and as William Gibson would say, “The future is already here – it's just not very evenly distributed”. Well, it’s distributed to about 1m Kinect owners at the moment Smile