What’s Next?

Next at Microsoft

As you may have noticed, things have gotten pretty slow with updates to this blog of late – it’s been a hard decision to not post as much here given Geek in Disguise has been a labour of love for about 5 years. My new home is taking up much of my time though so if you haven’t had chance to wander over to Next at Microsoft, now may be a good time. The content is pretty similar (though some of the random stuff is now on my Posterous site) so I’d encourage you to update your bookmarks or RSS settings and sign up to Next as it’s where I’m going to be putting a lot of my energy in 2011. There will still be the odd post here for stuff that doesn’t fit with Next.

Here’s a glimpse of what you may be missing on Next



I’m also an occasional author of posts on the official Microsoft Blog – a few recent posts have been



So come on over to Next…the water is warm Smile