Exam Preparation Guide: 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

This is Part -1 of the 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Exam Series. Click here to Access Part -2.

For those of you preparing to take up the 70-534 exam in next few months, here is some news  - the exam was revised on 22 Nov 2016 and the official Exam Ref book though useful, now has a lot of outdated content. A quick look at Amazon suggests that this is book is being revised and is likely to be available by Sep 2017.

There are also plenty of prep resources and courses out there, from Pluralsight, Udemy etc.

For my preparation, however, I decided to go based on the exam objectives as per the official exam page and referred to the Azure documentation and this worked like a charm for me. One of my colleagues had already linked up all the exam resources as per the exam objectives and I found it invaluable in my preparation, please visit his post for all the links.

I usually like to read on my eReader while travelling to work, etc and found it easier to collate all the documentation and merge them into a PDF.

Here is the DOWNLOAD LINK to the PDF - 70-534 Prep Guide PDF (Note: This content is just a collection of Azure Documentation based on exam objectives, merged into a PDF file, for the latest updates, please refer to the official Azure documentation site, all credits goes to original authors)