My Favorite New Features of Windows Phone 7 Mango

A few days ago I got a notice over my phone that an update was ready to be installed and I should connect it to my computer.  Mango had arrived for my Dell Venue Pro on T-Mobile’s network.  I connected my phone to my computer and proceeded to update the phone.  A few minutes later it was ready.  Now after using it for a few days, I am really happy with so many of the new features.  I’d like to share my favorites with you:

  1. Turn-by-turn audible directions on Bing maps
  2. Podcasts are now in the Marketplace and you can now subscribe to them
  3. Visual Voice Mail – I had to enable/disable/enable this on the T-Mobile account website but finally it is working
  4. Quick App Switching/Multitasking
  5. Easy check-in to locations
  6. Integrated Messenger/SMS/Facebook Chat
  7. Twitter & LinkedIn integration
  8. Ability to open and Share Office documents on SkyDrive
  9. Pinning a playlist to my home screen
  10. Pinning an Outlook folder to my home screen
  11. Groups in the People hub (and pinning groups)
  12. Auto-Fix for photos
  13. Upload videos from the phone to Facebook
  14. New HTML5 IE9

What are your favorite Windows Phone 7 Mango features?