Sysinternals Update: ProcDump v9, Autoruns v13.71, BgInfo v4.22, LiveKd v5.62, Process Monitor v3.33, Process Explorer v16.21

ProcDump v9
This major update to ProcDump, a utility that enables process dump capture based on a variety of triggers, introduces the ability to take capture multiple dumps sizes. This is particularly useful when capturing crash dumps of applications susceptible to termination due to unresponsiveness (e.g. IIS Ping killing w3wp.exe). This release also adds support for an associated Kernel Dump of the process that includes the kernel stacks of the process.

Autoruns v13.71
This update to Autoruns, a comprehensive autostart execution point manager, adds Microsoft HTML Application Host (mshta.exe) as hosting image so it displays the hosted image details, and now doesn’t apply filters to hosting images.

BgInfo v4.22
This release of Bginfo honors Device Guard policy for VB scripts specified as the source of field data.

LiveKd v5.62
This update to Livekd is signed with a certificate installed in the Win7 RTM trusted roots store.

Process Monitor v3.33
Procmon v3.33 includes bug fixes for destructive event filtering and is signed with certificate installed in the Win7 trusted roots store.

Process Explorer v16.21
This Process Explorer release includes a fix for an intermittent bug in the Virus Total scanning logic, and is signed with Win7 RTM-compatible certificate.