Tour Turin, Italy on your mobile with Microsoft Tag

I love to travel – I’m addicted to the
thrill of immersing myself in a culture that isn’t my own – getting to know the
people, their language, their food, their history, their terrain. I especially
love learning all I can about sites and their stories which is why I have a
large and heavy collection of tour books! But, I’ve discovered it’s a problem
(and a health hazard as my companions will tell you) lugging all of these books
around. At times, I find myself frantically trying to flip through hundreds of
pages to find information on sites instead of just taking them in.

Today, the Italian city of Torino is
helping people like me (and my companions’ sanity) by unveiling Microsoft Tags
at monuments and tourist attractions. If you want to know more about a certain
attraction, just scan the associated Microsoft Tag via your mobile phone and
you’re automatically connected to online resources explaining everything you’ll
ever need to know. The Tags will be available at 10 different sites around the
city – see the map below for details: