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Hello everyone.  Here is another totally tangent thought.  ....Well in the light of my other blog topics.  While my customers are making it loud and clear that this is where they are heading, if the are not already all in, they want to learn more about DevOps! So here you go!

But before we make any assumptions, we all need to ask the fundamental question of what DevOps is?  This picture illustrates the classic "blind men and an elephant" story.


Many of the parts that you or others may think DevOps is, are really the sum of what should define it:

DevOps = People + Process + Products

With that introduction, I want to provide to my customers and the rest of you folks, the latest resources I can find on DevOps to help you in your DevOps Journey!


  • DevOps at Microsoft - a complete and comprehensie series of videos how we do DevOps at Microsoft and use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

Channel 9


Microsoft Ignite on Channel 9

Build 2016

DX Sweden

ALM Days 2016

Modern Service Management

"A lens intended to focus ITSM experts around the globe on the most important outcomes that evolve our customers from legacy, traditional IT models toward easier, more efficient, cost effective and agile service structures."


Microsoft Virtual Academy


Tools and Downloads

Third Party Tools


Downloads to kick some tires around