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Welcome to this custom Quick Reference Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the latest top resources for Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016 Active Directory Federation Services.

Installing and Configuring a Federation Farm is simple today.  They are just roles on Windows Servers from 2012 on.  The trickier parts are getting name resolution, load balancing and certificates done right.  If you are starting from scratch, check out the second link below on requirements and read the whole thing.  If you get all of the requirements down, you'll be heading down the right path.  And, if you or someone else set up the environment, go back to the checklist to ensure everything was done right.  Finally, in the words of the infamous Laura Hunter "If it's not a cert, it's a typo.  If it's not a typo, it's a cert."  This is so true once you are beyond the setting up the farm and getting it to work, and then start adding trust relationships.  Remembering that mantra has helped me to get back to basics when troubleshooting trust relationships.  Sometimes, it take getting on the phone with the other side of that trust relationship to have them SHOW you how they configured their side of the trust.  Those little typos can sting every time and take hours to resolve!


AD FS in Azure

AD FS on Windows Server 2016

Name Resolution / Networking

Miscellaneous Topics of interest

Application Proxy


AD FSTraining

 TechNet AD FS Series How to:

Microsoft Virtual Academy and Ignite

This is a Microsoft Virtual Academy course covering multiple identity topics from AD DS, AD FS , RDS and VDI.

SAML Integration

AD FS  Scripting