How to control your World with Intune MDM, MAM (APP) and Graph API

Over the last year the Microsoft Intune development team have been working hard on changing how we think about managing our end users multitude of devices and the way they work.  We have been working to change how companies deal with ensuring users get the correct experience across the devices and applications they need but most importantly getting access to the right data in a secure way.

Microsoft for many years now have been cross platform in management from our Windows devices, managing the iOS and Mac ecosystem to maintaining the many versions of Android including Android for Work.

With our moving of our Intune console to the Ibiza Azure Portal it's opened up a much larger ability to share information across the whole of Azure.  The Azure portal is built on blades and allows the sharing and accessing of information, for example I am working within the Intune part of the console and I can directly access Azure AD information.

intune-console intune-ad-console

With the new console we are constantly adding in new features and driving the ability for Intune to manage across a MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Managed Application Management) not only that we enable rights within Azure AD to apply capability around Conditional Access.


When the Microsoft Developers undertook the porting of the Intune console to the Azure portal they built it from the ground up by implementing the console to be built on Graph API.  I quote from our developer team

"Manage Intune with Azure portal and Graph API. One console. One set of APIs. Limitless possibilities. Intune offers you more flexibility than ever before to manage and secure your enterprise. See how you can now use Intune on the Azure portal and also integrate Intune with your existing systems through Microsoft Graph API."

The Intune UI is built on those same Graph API controls allowing incredible flexibility to manage your environment how you want through the console or via Azure Power Shell.  In future articles I will be going into the Graph API in further detail.


Keep up to date on the latest and greatest with Intune: /en-us/intune/whats-new/whats-new-in-microsoft-intune


Andy Taylor

Enterprise Mobility Technical Specialist Microsoft UK.