I use Microsoft Teams #1

As demonstrated by the recent announcements at Microsoft Ignite the feature velocity for Teams is phenomenal. To try and keep up to speed and provide a quick high-level introduction into specific features I thought I’d put my Camtasia skills to use and create a series of Teams Nuggets, the first two of which are provided below:

Teams Nugget – Guest Access

When it launched, Teams was only available to users within the same Tenant. The good news is that we’ve recently released our initial version of Guest Access for Teams so can now extend our Intelligent Communications Hub to people outside of our organisation, while maintaining the security controls that are a vital part of everyday business life.

To get a feel for Teams Guest Access, check out my video by clicking the following link:

Teams Nugget - Guest Access

Teams Nugget – Scheduling and PSTN Conferencing

One thing that every business person does is have meetings. We’ve had the ability to schedule virtual meetings from Outlook for a while, but an enhancement Microsoft has recently released into Public Preview* is the ability to use a phone, or mobile, to dial into a Teams Meeting using the public telephone network. This is a simple feature but is becomes important when travelling and you are not able to access the internet.

To give you an idea of the Teams scheduling and dial in conferencing experience I’ve created a simple video that you can view by clicking the link below:

Teams Nugget - Scheduling Teams Meeting with PSTN access

Look out for future Teams Nuggets.

*Please note that any feature in Public Preview is still subject to change until General Availability.