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XNA for Windows Phone Walkthrough–Creating the Bizzy Bees game

About a year back I wrote my first XNA game for Windows Phone.   The game is called Bizzy Bees and you can download and play it for free from the Marketplace.

The idea of the app is quite simple… the goal is to collect as many rainbow flowers as you can before all the flowers hit the bottom.   You collect flowers by matching flowers and bees, so a yellow flower matches with a yellow be, a pink flower with a pink bee etc. and all bees match up with rainbow flowers.




In this series we’ll walk through creating a subset of that game from start to finish.

Step 1: Setting the stage (projects and assets)
Step 2: Drawing the scene
Step 3: Adding flowers
Step 4: Making things move
Step 5: Adding some bees to the mix
Step 6: User interaction
Step 7: Rounding it up

The full project is attached to this post if you want to download and play with it.