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I will be blogging about issues i run into while supporting Operations Manager 2007 R2

Greenmachine 2016 - 1.07

Greenmachine for SCOM 2016.  Requires .NET 4.5, no functionality changes. greenmachine2016

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 01/27/2017

GreenMachine 1.06 - Minor Bug Fix

Fixed an issue where -class System.NetworkDevice and -A would not work together. GreenMachine106

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 05/25/2016

GreenMachine 2012

This is an updated version of GreenMachine that works better on SCOM 2012 and SCOM 2012 R2...

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 07/25/2014

Green Machine 1.04

Minor update. Added the ability to filter by groups using the -group option. Example command...

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 04/26/2010

Updated version of GreenmachineR2

V1.03 Changes: - Minor bug fixes - Cleaned up -h output - Added the ability to specify the friendly...

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 12/02/2009

GreenMachine R2 updated!

Kevin Holman had some great feature requests, and a few others were gettings this error when...

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 07/23/2009

GreenMachine R2

No code changes were made, but this was re-compiled against R2 dll's. If you try to run the old...

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 05/26/2009

Announcing the GreenMachine utility for OperationsManager RTM, SP1, and R2

GreenMachine is an OpsMgr Utility that can be used to reset or recalculate all monitors for a single...

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 01/15/2009

Example logical diskspace monitoring script for use with SCOM 2007

I wrote this script to demonstrate some of the new scripting techniques in SCOM, and to remedy a...

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 01/08/2008

Howto create a generic text log (alert) in SCOM 2007 or SCE

Howto create a generic text log (alert) From Authoring, right click on "rules", and select "Create a...

Author: Tim Helton [MSFT]1 Date: 09/11/2007