(Cloud) Tip of the Day: AzCopyV10.0.8 Preview Release

Today's tip...

AzCopy (V10.0.8) has recently been released.  It contains some major improvements, including a complete rewrite of the sync command.

  • Rewrote sync command to eliminate numerous bugs and improve usability (see wiki for details)
  • Implemented various improvements to memory management
  • Added MD5 validation support (available options: NoCheck, LogOnly, FailIfDifferent, FailIfDifferentOrMissing)
  • Added last modified time checks for source to guarantee transfer integrity
  • Formalized outputs in JSON and elevated the output flag to the root level
  • Eliminated outputs to STDERR (for new version notifications), which were causing problems for certain CI systems
  • Improved log format for Windows
  • Optimized plan file sizes
  • Improved command line parameter names as follows (to be consistent with naming pattern of other parameters):
    • fromTo -> from-to
    • blobType -> blob-type
    • excludedBlobType -> excluded-blob-type
    • outputRaw (in "list" command) -> output
    • stdIn-enable (reserved for internal use) -> stdin-enable