(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Mooncake is live!

Today’s (Cloud) Tip…Mooncake is live!

  • Mooncake is the platform for Office 365 in China, supporting 18,000 Office 365 tenants
  • 141 enterprise and 3195 web direct customers live on the platform using 15,381 compute cores, 1.7PB storage, 3803 IaaS VMs and 845 PaaS services
  • 19 Azure workloads in production with public Azure version parity
  • 101 IaaS images across 21 SKUs & 5 product families for the IaaS gallery and 709 images in Mooncake VMDepot 
  • 272 staff at 21Vianet Beijing recruited and trained running Azure against public Azure performance targets since July 2013.
  • >$9 million USD exercised through the commerce system and multiple signed  >$2m deals
  • www.windowsazure.cn live for 7 months with ~25k hits per month

We have had huge customer success already with Mooncake with 30 customers charged money and running in production today, including:

  • Coke running 33 marketing sites averaging over 2 million hits/day
  • CNTV Spring festival voting application supporting 40.7 million hits in 21 hours
  • Kanbox using 1PB storage usage across BJB and SHA.
  • Samsung (win against AWS) running 230+ IaaS VMs to support 70,000 mobile users.