Integrating SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync for value-add solutions

The three main Office servers—SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync—deliver terrific value to businesses. On their own, they help you communicate, collaborate, publish, share and manage content. By integrating these three server products, you can solve bigger business problems than any of them solve on their own.

The Office Content Group is now introducing a new type of content guidance, one that directly addresses Office Servers (SharePoint, Exchange and Lync) integration to solve larger business problems.

Our first set of content includes:

  • A set of architecture diagrams that provide a detailed overview of feature integration scenarios. These features include site mailboxes, high-resolution user photos, unified contact store, server-to-server authentication, Exchange task synchronization, Lync presence in Outlook, and voicemail.
  • A network diagram that shows a typical network deployment when you have all three products deployed
  • A diagram that shows the eDiscovery flow across SharePoint,Exchange and Lync, and file shares

Network Integration of Microsoft Office Server Products. High-level concepts for Lync, Exchange, SharePoint Server, and Office Web Apps

For a full list and detailed descriptions, see Cross-Product Solutions with Exchange, Lync and SharePoint. While you’re there, make sure to bookmark that page as more integration content of this type is in the works. Stay tuned as we will be updating that page with each new content release.

We want to hear your feedback about this new set of documents and any suggestions you have for us. Please reach out to us.

—Office Solutions Content Team