On that replacement Exec Laptop scenario with DJOIN

The Volume Licensing website allows Win8 Enterprise to be downloaded to the new laptop, which should go some way to fixing the Enterprise Edition client requirement.

It’s not quite slap-black-amex-down-and-join-domain, but then again that’s generally what you’d want!

If you just attended our AUTeched session, thanks for coming along! Except Chad.

Update: Couple of questions suggest I didn't communicate this well enough, so to step back and simplify: DJOIN is used for offline Domain Join (since Windows 7), which gets a client thinking "I should contact a DC!" next time it can find one. The WS2012 feature is to combine this with a policy blob which can pre-provision specific Group Policies to that client even while disconnected. Our example was DirectAccess; it could be anything. Next time the client hops onto a corporate-connected network (or invokes DirectAccess), it'll use regular Group Policy processing to do its magic.