My name is Andrew Wyld and I would like to introduce myself as the new Dynamics NAV& GP Product Marketing Manager. I certainly know some of you from my dealings
whilst being at Microsoft but also from my time in the Partner Channel. I have spent a good 12 years of my working life working in various capacities with Dynamics NAV.

A large chunk of that time I spent at a Partner as a Product Director working hard driving Dynamics NAV into the SMB market space and building the basic framework
for what I thought a volume NAV business model looked like. In my new capacity this is a great opportunity for me to carry on and hopefully complete that
journey. I am delighted and excited to be starting my new role as the Dynamics PMM for NAV and GP. These are very exciting times as we see the next launches of NAV & GP and their transition to the cloud.

There is a lot of work to do as we transition our ERP products to the cloud, business models need to be adjusted to ensure a profitable revenue stream from the
cloud. Also we have to address the changing expectations of our customer’s needs as we see more demand for rapid return to value and vanilla ERP systems
working the way our customer’s do.

Over the next 18 months, as we land the next versions of NAV & GP, we will also be building our story in the SMB market and we look forward to working with you,
our Partner Channel, and welcoming you on-board that journey.