Announcing the General Availability of Windows Analytics: Device Health

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Device Health as the newest addition to Windows Analytics.

As an IT pro, you can use Device Health to proactively detect and remediate end-user impacting issues, including:

  • Frequently crashing devices that may need to be rebuilt or replaced
  • Device drivers that are causing device crashes, and alternative versions of those drivers that may reduce the crash rate
  • Windows Information protection misconfigurations that result in end-user prompts


With the GA release, we now require customers to have purchased enough E3 or E5 license to cover the set of devices being monitored for Device Health as described in the Device Health documentation. There is no additional cost beyond the cost of these licenses, and we do not require the licenses be installed on the machines being monitored (e.g., it's OK to monitor a "pro" device).

While this release provides general availability of the features that we previously released for public preview, we are really just getting started. We expect to soon release preview versions of App Reliability (to help identity app crashes so they can be reduced) and Login Health (to help identity usage and errors by login type, so they can be reduced).

As a reminder, Device Health requires the enhanced level of Windows diagnostic data. With the 1709 release of Windows, there is a new policy available to "Limit enhanced diagnostic data to the minimum required by Windows Analytics". These events are fully documented here, which should help streamline the review with your privacy and compliance teams.

If you do have any questions or feedback, feel free to use the comments below.