3 Reasons to Fall in Love With New Technology This Valentine’s Day

 We’ve all had great relationships and not-so-great relationships. And Valentine’s Day is often a time to reflect on both. But this year, instead of focusing on an “it’s complicated” romance, let’s focus on your relationship with technology.

Are you still using the same hand-me-down PC that got you through college exams and survived a stint as a coaster in your first apartment? Or maybe you’ve always put your kids first – outfitting them with the latest technology while you’re dialing away on your flip phone. Maybe you’re just afraid of commitment or just don’t know where to go to find true love. Fret not, there’s still time to head over to your local Microsoft Store and let one of their matchmakers (also known as store associates) hook you up.

Still don’t know if you’re ready to fall in love with new technology? Here are 3 very good reasons:

1.)    There are plenty of new fish in the sea. It’s okay to lust after your friend or co-worker’s shiny new Surface or their sexy Window’s Phone with its hundreds of apps and amazing camera. But you can get one of your own without breaking the bank or having to break up with your current phone provider.

2.)     Mobile devices go anywhere with you. Today’s mobile technologies allow you to get everything done from anywhere. With Office 365 you have access to all your information via the cloud.

3.)    It’s time to break up with your old operating system.  When end of support comes for Windows XP users on April 8, the 13 year old operating system will no longer be supported, leaving you vulnerable to malware and other online threats. If you’re still with XP, now is your chance to be the first to say goodbye.

If your laptop still weighs more than your toddler, Valentine’s Day is a great time for a technology upgrade for you and your loved ones. And with the influx of online dating, who knows, maybe your new technology will help you find new love.