Windows Azure Developer Camps 2013Q4


Join a Microsoft Developer Camp and learn critical skills that all modern developers need to know.

Roll up your sleeves at this free, one-day, instructor-led workshop where you can learn the critical skills that all modern developers need to know. We will start with basic Microsoft Modern Platform principles and build up to more advanced topics. Instructor-led, hands-on labs will focus on:

  • Updating an App to a Modern Architecture
  • Modern Dev & Test Practices
  • Configuring and Testing a Modern Application

Throughout the day, you’ll hear from local Windows Azure partner specialists and Microsoft product team members.
We’ll talk about the best way to take advantage of modern platforms and tools, as well as how to fix the worst sins of testing. Developers of all languages are welcome!

Be fully prepared for this hands-on day of coding by bringing your laptop and signing up for the free Windows Azure Trial.

Events are available across 30 cities in the U.S. Visit the event site for more details - Events local to western U.S. are: