Five Reasons to Attend Inspire 2018

Have you signed up for Microsoft Inspire 2018 yet? This year is shaping up to be our best Partner event ever. Why? I'm glad you asked, and even if you didn't ask I'll keep writing since this is my blog post. Here are my top 5 reasons why I think you should register and join us in Las Vegas July 15-19 this summer.

But wait, before I jump into the reasons for attending I must make a public service announcement: Inspire is for business leaders, sales teams, and technical experts. If you are in a technical role we want to see you there. Every single item on my list has something for all my technical friends out there too!

We're combining with Microsoft Ready

For the first time ever, Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready, Microsoft's annual sales, marketing, and technical conference, attended by over 21,000 employees from around the world, will take place in the same city, during the same week. This co-location represents an unprecedented opportunity for Microsoft partners to make meaningful connections with even more of the Microsoft community. You'll also hear the same core messaging our team hears from executives, sales leaders, and the product teams as we kick off our fiscal year. You can't get more aligned than that. Want to know more, check out this blog from Toby Richards.

The Commons

The Commons is one of my favorite places to spend time at Inspire. It really is the heartbeat of the event. Bringing together thousands of people and hundreds of exhibitors in one giant room is something not to be missed. I love networking and learning from partners and the Microsoft teams that are all focused on helping customers transform their business. Explore the commons here.


Network with other partners. Network with ISVs. Network with Microsoft technical experts. Network with Microsoft sales teams. Network with your cab driver. You get the point. Networking happens when people are together. I've had partners tell me that networking is by far the best part of Inspire. Its like the biggest, best real-life LinkedIn experience you can have, so why miss it?

Sessions and Corenotes

There will be sessions of many flavors for all roles. This year we'll have sessions focused on technology: Data and AI, Modern Workplace, Business Apps, Cloud Applications and more. We'll also have sessions on Business Leadership, Industry, and Partnering with Microsoft. And don't forget, many of these sessions will be combined with the Microsoft teams that are attending! To explore the session catalog click here. We'll also have Corenotes (aka keynotes). There is no better place to hear from our executives about our shared vision than live from Las Vegas in an air-conditioned building.


All work and no play is the best way to celebrate, said no one ever. Inspire and Ready are both a chance to learn AND celebrate. On Wednesday night July 18 we'll head out to the Las Vegas Motor speedway for a night of fun, food, and entertainment headlined by an eleven-time Grammy Award winner. To find out who it is sign into MPN. And of course, there will be networking.

So, what are you waiting for? Seriously, the price for Inspire isn't going to go down and the good hotel rooms and flights will become harder to find, so register now. Better yet, get your team together and sign everyone up with the same MPN ID. Bring 5 or more people and you may qualify for a group discount (FAQ).

If you've already signed up or you do now, leave a comment below and tell us why you are excited for Inspire 2018. We may post comments in a future blog and make you internet famous.

See you in Las Vegas!


Nick Johnson, PTS