Virtual Earth Web Cast Series, March 2009: Hospitality


The Virtual Earth Web Cast Series continues this month focusing on the travel and hospitality vertical and how Virtual Earth and location can be leveraged to improve performance and the user experience for their applications. On Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, join me with special guest Tyler Davey from Infusion Development as we discuss, “Hospitality Businesses Create Strong Guest Connections with Virtual Earth (Level 100)” as part of Microsoft’s Momentum web cast events. We will fill up the 60 minutes allotted, so get it on your calendar.

Here’s the brief description of the web cast: In today’s challenging economy, hospitality organizations—restaurants, hotels, resorts, and travel agencies--need to build strong guest connections, differentiate their brand, and make it easier for guests to spend, and stay, with them.

Attend our informative webcast to learn how Virtual Earth helps organizations like Choice Hotels, Expedia, Best Western, Travelport and Darden Restaurants connect with customers, build loyalty, and boost profits.

Virtual Earth is a platform of integrated services providing quality geospatial and mapping data, rich imagery, and cutting-edge technology that can integrate with your existing business systems to provide unique views of data. You can deliver immersive end-user experiences that connect customers with your locations, products, and services offered—on the desktop or on mobile or Surface devices.

Tune in.